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Health Insurance Marketplace in Lawrence, KS

 Have questions about the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Heartland Community Health Center is here to help!  Rosilyn Wells, Heartland’s Health Insurance Marketplace Certified Navigator  is here to answer any questions you have  and to help you enroll in the marketplace! Click here for more information about the marketplace, or  call us at 785.841.7297 for help.

Rosilyn Wells- for website

Rosilyn Wells is HCHC’s Health Insurance Marketplace Certified Navigator




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Posted at on by William Welch

I am going to need some help re enrolling on the market place when the enrollment opens up again. I used the navigator at the Health Department last time, but they no longer have one. I am a patient at HCHC.

Should I schedule an appt now ?

Posted at on by Sean Hatch

Hi Bill! We would be happy to help. You can call us at 785.841.7297 and we’ll get you scheduled. Thanks!

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