New Patient Information

Who qualifies?

Heartland accepts all patients in its service area regardless of income or insurance status.

We offer a sliding fee scale for our uninsured and under-insured patients that makes high-quality care affordable.

Insured patients at Heartland also receive high-quality personalized care, plus, at no extra cost to them, they help make the same care affordable for uninsured patients. Insurance reimbursements help offset the cost associated with seeing uninsured patients at a discounted rate. We call this “Health Care That Gives Back.”

Making an Appointment

Heartland uses same-day, next-day appointment scheduling, making it easy to access your provider when you need them most. When you call Heartland to schedule an appointment, we do our very best to see you that day or the next day we are open.

New patients first meet with an AmeriCorps member for a short intake appointment. During your intake we get to know you, your medical history, and your goals to assess how we can best work with you to benefit your health. Immediately after your intake appointment, you will have an appointment with the provider of your choice.

What to bring

Heartland Community Health Center accepts payment at time of service in the form of cash, debit or credit. No checks, please.

At their first appointment, new patients must bring:

1) Valid photo ID

2) Proof of residency

Bring one of these:

  • a bill in your name sent to your current address
  • bank statement in your name sent to your current address
  • apartment lease
  • letter from homeless shelter

3) Proof of income (if uninsured and interested in sliding-scale fee) OR insurance card

Bring one of these if uninsured:

  • Most recent tax return
  • Three most recent pay stubs for each adult member of the household
4) Prescription medication bottles of medications you’re currently taking or a list of medications from your pharmacy.


You can save time by filling out these forms and bringing them to your visit.
You can also review our Notice of Privacy Practices here.


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Heartland also has a location inside the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department at 200 Maine St., Lawrence, KS 66044.

What you’ll pay

Insured patients at Heartland pay their normal copays, unless they qualify for a reduced copay on a sliding fee scale.


Uninsured patients fees are based on their income. Patients who fit our income guidelines are eligible for the sliding fee scale once they provide proof of income.

To see where your income falls according to the federal income guidelines, click here. 

This sliding fee scale is used to discount all out-of-pocket costs.