Heartland Community Health Center will begin offering primary care services in the fall of 2016 at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department’s clinic, located at 200 Maine St. These services are not currently offered at the Health Department. The goal is to make it more convenient for residents to access primary care services.

“By embedding a Heartland primary care team within the operation of the Health Department, our organizations will be better positioned and equipped to reach the families and individuals who currently do not have access to comprehensive primary care services,” said Heartland CEO Jon Stewart. “Our efforts here are to take primary care services to places where people already have established trusting relationships.”

About 10,000 people use the Health Department’s clinic services each year. A recent survey of 424 Health Department clients revealed that 46 percent did not have a regular health care provider. “We want to knock down some barriers to, hopefully, get people into a health home,” Health Department Director Dan Partridge said “Having a health home helps you do more in the preventive arena rather than waiting until you’re sick or you have some type of diagnosis or disease, and then it’s more costly to you and the health care system.”

For more information or to make an appointment with Heartland, call 785-841-7297. Heartland accepts patients who are uninsured, people with Medicaid and Medicare and most commercial insurances.

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