A timeline of mission-driven growth

The very first Community Health Center was launched by civil rights activists in the late 1960s. Dr. H. Jack Geiger and Dr. Count Gibson revolutionized care and provided desperately needed health and social services to rural and under-served areas. 

Nearly 30 years later, members of our own community sought to bring this same level of care to the people of Lawrence who lacked access to affordable healthcare. While we have grown significantly since then, the spirit of welcoming all who need care is stronger than ever. 

Celebrating 10 years as an FQHC

In the late 1990s, a small classroom in the basement of a church was transformed into an exam room for the uninsured. Soon after, the demand for affordable care led to a move into the abandoned shopping mall downtown Lawrence. 

In efforts to expand access to health care in the community, a board of directors was established and the organization became known as Heartland Medical Clinic, Inc. In 2012, Heartland Medical Clinic was awarded its federal designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center

The future of community health care 

What Heartland is today is a dream realized. A place where barriers to care are broken down. A place, under one roof, where we provide quality, integrated and compassionate health care for all. Care for all starts with care for those who are most impacted by the health disparities and health inequities in our community. 

Nearly 40% of a person’s health outcomes are social and economic factors, one of the largest being poverty and the lack of health insurance. We believe access to health care is a fundamental right, despite someone’s ability to pay or insurance status. We know that access to care saves lives. 

That is why our mission is simply, “Welcoming all who need care”.

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“Heartland seeks to expand access to care for all, promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy communities. And that starts with ensuring we are providing care to the most vulnerable populations. Despite Heartland’s growth our work is just beginning…” – Julie Branstrom, CEO