Is the Monkeypox vaccine right for you, right now?

As of September 2, 2022, there are 7 cases of monkeypox in the state of Kansas according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Vaccination is an important tool in preventing the spread of monkeypox.

Heartland Community Health Center received monkeypox vaccines and are ready to administer them to those who need them. The vaccine is approved for individuals 18 years of age or older who have had known exposure to MPX or an active infection. It is a 2-dose series separated by 4 weeks, if given before 4 days after exposure there is a high likelihood to stop infection, after 4 days it should lessen the symptoms. 

Who should get vaccinated

In the current outbreak, you may want to get vaccinated if:

  • You have been identified as a close contact of someone with monkeypox.
  • You learn that one of your sex partners in the past 2 weeks has been diagnosed with monkeypox.


People with advanced HIV infection or who are not taking antiretroviral drugs might be at increased risk for severe disease if they get Monkeypox.

In addition, you may want to get vaccinated if you are a man who has sex with other men, or are a transgender or gender-diverse person who has sex with men in the past 2 weeks.

If you believe you are at risk for monkeypox and would like to receive a vaccine, call us today at 785-841-7297. 

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