River City Pharmacy's First Year Impact on the Community

Celebrating A Year of Rx That Give Back

Each day, patients go without vital medications because of the prohibitive cost of prescription drugs. In April of 2022, Heartland Community Health Center celebrated the Grand Opening of River City Pharmacy and has been providing patients with effective medications at the most affordable prices ever since.

What is 340B? 

As part of the 340B program, when patients use their health insurance at River City Pharmacy and Heartland these funds are reinvested to increase access to affordable, comprehensive care for all patients. In fact, every prescription filled using insurance helps provide up to 4 prescriptions for people without health insurance.

340B savings also help build new facilities, pay for patient transportation, hire more clinicians, fund innovative technology, engage with people experiencing homelessness, and provide exceptional health care for uninsured patients.

340B Impact In Our Community

  • Patients seen at Heartland Community Health Center in 2021, regardless of income or insurance status: 19,756 patients for 57,763 visits
  • Patients with Medicaid, Medicare, or no health insurance: 58%
  • Number of under-resourced schools receiving pediatric dental health care outreach services: 100
  • Percent of patients seen at Heartland Community Health Center who are at/below 200% of federal poverty guidelines: 78%


An in-house pharmacy (River City) that assists patients in obtaining free or discounted medications, is one of the many critical programs and health care services at Heartland that are supported by the 340B program savings.

Why River City?  

The impact River City Pharmacy has made on our community in just one year is undeniably significant. More than 7,707 prescriptions were filled at River City Pharmacy at a discounted price in its first year. This saved patients more than $4.5 million. 

By choosing to fill your prescriptions at River City, not only do you get access to a team trained to find you the best prices on your prescriptions, you can help make medication and health care more affordable for years to come. 

*based on usual & customary pricing,