Unlock the Power of Gratitude

In the spirit of January being Mental Wellness Month, let’s look at one easy way to promote positivity in your life.

“Three Good Things” is a classic gratitude exercise where you write down three good things from your day, whether big or small. Practicing gratitude regularly has been shown to increase positive emotions and improve well-being. 

Did You Know? Gratitude seems to reduce depression symptoms, people with a grateful mindset report higher satisfaction with life, strong social relationships, and more self-esteem than those who don’t practice gratitude.

One Week Challenge: write down three good things a day for one week and reflect on how you feel at the end of the week. Perhaps this becomes part of your daily routine!

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Something I did well today
  • Today I had fun when
  • I felt proud when
  • Today I accomplished
  • Something I did for someone
  • I was proud of someone else
  • A positive thing I witnessed
  • I felt good about myself when
  • Somone I was thankful for today
  • Today I smiled when
  • Something someone did for me



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