2024 - 2027 Strategic Plan

Charting a Course to a Healthier Tomorrow

Your Guide to Heartland's Vision for 2024-2027

Explore Heartland Community Health Center’s dynamic roadmap, where workforce excellence, expanded access, strategic partnerships, financial sustainability, and impactful marketing converge to shape a healthier and more vibrant future for all.

Heartland has unveiled a strategic plan outlining key priorities for the years 2024 to 2027. Let’s take a concise look at each strategic priority.

Strategic Priority 1

Staffing Workforce & Governance

By focusing on recruitment, retention, workplace culture, diversity, and governance, Heartland lays the foundation for delivering high-quality healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of both its staff and the communities it serves.

  • Recruitment & Retention: Focus on becoming an employer of choice, training Certified Medical Assistants, and implementing a comprehensive training program.

  • Workplace Culture: Enhance employee performance reviews and establish consistent communication channels, fostering a culture of safety and belonging.

  • Diversity & Representation: Prioritize diverse staff recruitment and embed diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in all aspects of operations.

  • High Performing Board: Ensure an engaged board by promoting diversity, ensuring smooth transitions, and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders.

Strategic Priority 2

Access & Service Expansion

Heartland’s proactive approach to healthcare delivery, emphasizes accessibility, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the unique healthcare needs of various demographic groups within its service area. As Heartland expands its reach and services, it moves closer to its goal of ensuring that healthcare is accessible, holistic, and responsive to the dynamic needs of the community.

  • Homelessness Care: Provide care for 75% of individuals experiencing homelessness or unstable housing.

  • Community-Based Care: Expand community-based care with a mobile medical unit, re-establish a community-based care committee, and expand school-based care.

  • Access Expansion: Extend services to new markets and improve access to health services, including walk-in access at River City for adult medicine.

  • Pediatric & Behavioral Health: Expand pediatric and family support services, capacity for psych and behavioral health services, and chronic care management.

  • Community Health Worker Program: Embed a community health worker program for improved access and clinical outcomes.

Strategic Priority 3


Heartland’s commitment to building a network of support that extends beyond its walls, creating a web of interconnected services that addresses the holistic health of the community. Partnerships are a cornerstone for achieving a more comprehensive and impactful approach to community health.

  • Strengthening Community Care: Expand supportive services and care through new and existing partnerships.

Strategic Priority 4


Through the optimization of billing processes, reduction of operational costs, strategic management of IT services, enhancement of pharmacy efficiency, and maintenance of a robust operating reserve, Heartland positions itself to not only navigate financial challenges but also invest in the continual improvement of healthcare services for the benefit of the community it serves.

Heartland focuses on financial sustainability:

  • Billing & Operational Efficiency: Maximize billing, reduce operational costs, and bring IT services in-house for financial improvement.

  • Pharmacy Scripts & Reserves: Increase pharmacy scripts, maintain a three-month operating reserve.

Strategic Priority 5

Marketing & Public Relations

In its commitment to the community, Heartland actively engages donors, increases community awareness, establishes a robust brand presence, and advocates for policies that enhance community health. These concerted efforts are geared not only towards magnifying the health center’s impact but also fostering lasting connections with the community it serves.

Heartland emphasizes marketing, public relations, and advocacy:

  • Donor Engagement: Develop donor understanding, enhance communication, and establish a regular donor recognition program.

  • Community Engagement: Develop outreach strategies, collaborate with local entities, and diversify marketing efforts.

  • Reputation & Branding: Define the unique value proposition, refresh branding, ensure consistent messaging, and engage in advocacy efforts

A Forward-Thinking Journey Toward Improving the Health of our Community

Heartland’s strategic plan reinforces our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Dive into the full, detailed plan to explore how Heartland is shaping the future of community health.

Click here to read the full strategic plan.