Fundraising Gift Acceptance and Recognition Policy

Charitable Intent

All gifts to Heartland Community Health Center must be based upon philanthropic intent.


Conditions Regarding Acceptance of Gifts

Heartland Community Health Center will accept only those gifts that are consonant with the mission, goals and purpose, and which sustain the mission of Heartland; and are deemed consistent with public laws, regulations, and public policy of the State of Kansas and the federal government. Heartland will, in a timely manner, properly acknowledge all contributions.


Ethical Fund Raising

All promotions and solicitations conducted by Heartland will be conducted in a manner that is both ethical and professional.


Gift Confidentiality

Unless otherwise requested, Heartland will treat donations as public knowledge, but will make every reasonable effort to comply with donor requests regarding confidentiality.


Use of Gifts and Associated Income

All gifts accompanied by a written statement identifying the donor’s desired use of the gift will be used for the stated purpose for which they were given and accepted to the maximum extent possible. All unrestricted or non-designated gifts will be available for use as determined appropriate by Heartland.


Any interest or other income generated by a restricted gift will be considered as unrestricted or non-designated and will flow to Heartland’s general fund. The funds generated by the gift will be available for use, as any other non-restricted or non- designated funds, by Heartland as determined appropriate.


Acceptance of Gifts

The Chief Executive Officer and/or the Development Director shall be responsible for approval and acceptance of all contributions to Heartland, subject to the policies and procedures contained herein or adopted in the future by Heartland.


Quid Pro Quo Statutes

Disclosure of benefits and/or services associated with a fundraising solicitation will be furnished, on a timely basis, to the donor as required by federal and state law.


Finder’s Fee

Heartland will not pay a commission or finder’s fee for any gift.


Rejecting Gifts

Heartland reserves the right to decline any gift.



Endowment gifts will be accepted. Any interest or other income generated by an endowment gift will be considered as unrestricted or non-designated and will flow to Heartland’s general fund. The funds generated by the gift will be available for use, as any other non-restricted or non-designated funds, by Heartland as determined appropriate.


Conflict of Interest

In all dealings with donors, Heartland staff, AmeriCorps members and volunteers will provide full disclosure of interests, relationships, and holdings that could potentially result in even the appearance of conflict of interest or self-dealing.


Acceptable Gift Types

Subject to the declination rights described in this policy, gift types, which are approved by Heartland as acceptable contributions, include, but are not limited to:

1. Gifts of cash or checks

2. Certificates of deposit

3. Securities–listed, unlisted, restricted, closely held, or mutual fund

4. Personal property (including inventory)

5. Real estate or real property

6. Gifts-in-kind (including but not limited to services such as advertising space,

time, legal services, medical supplies, etc.)

7. Planned gifts (including, but not limited to bequests, life insurance, trusts)

8. Retirement plans (including, but not limited to IRAs, Keoghs, 401-kplans)


Heartland reserves the right to convert, sell, or exchange donated property at its discretion.


Gifts-in-kind, going to or for the benefit of Heartland, may require prior Executive or Board approval before Heartland can accept the gift.


Gifts of securities must be liquidated within 5 working days of receiving the gift.


Tax Deductibility of Gifts

Heartland is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, and as such gifts to Heartland may be tax deductible. Donors should check with their tax advisor, however, as to the deductibility of each particular gift.


Gift Credit

All gifts to Heartland will be acknowledged in a timely fashion and recognized in an appropriate manner outlined in “Gift Recognition” below.


Cumulative gifts over multiple years and/or for multiple designations (annual campaign, capital campaign, etc.) may also be recognized based on level of cumulative giving. “Gift Credit” is the term used to signify which gifts are counted as credit toward cumulative giving.


Any of the seven “Acceptable Gift Types” above qualify as forms of Gift Credit. Special considerations for matching gifts, gifts-in-kind, and planned gifts are:


1. Matching gift credit applies only to the actual donor of the matching gift. Recognition, however, will be extended to both the donor of the matched gift and the donor of the matching gift.


2. Gifts-in-kind gift credit will be estimated for gifts of hard-to-value assets until the asset is converted into cash or some other form of marketable security. Gifts of services will be recognized at the level the gift reduces the actual expenses that would have been incurred by Heartland.


3. Planned gifts will be credited at the present value of the gift.


Gift Recognition and Acknowledgement

All gifts to Heartland will be acknowledged in a timely fashion (within one business week of receipt) and recognized in an appropriate manner. All donors will be acknowledged with a letter of thanks from the CEO, Development Director, Outreach Coordinator, Heartland staff board chair, and/or campaign chair. The first donation a donor gives in the fiscal year will warrant a handwritten thank-you note with instructions as to how Heartland will handle all subsequent donations. Subsequent donations will warrant confirmation of gift receipt through e-mail. For donors who don’t have e-mail, a confirmation letter or phone call will be sent. At the end of each fiscal year, contribution reports will be sent to all donors who donated within that fiscal year. These contribution reports can be used for tax purposes.


Donor recognition may include listing donors in Heartland publications, inclusion on a donor wall, or with special signage (naming opportunities). An individual donor recognition piece will not exceed 3% of the value of the gift. Recognition of all types of gifts is the responsibility of the Development Director.


Annual gifts will be recognized at the following levels:

Under $100


$500 – $999

$1,000 – $4,999

$5,000 – $9,999

$10,000 – $19,999

$20,000 +


Capital campaign gifts with additional recognition available through naming opportunities.


Only the Heartland Board may approve the permanent naming of a program, room, area or building. Donors who contribute may be considered for permanent recognition through dedication of a specific Heartland program, room, area, or building as approved by the Heartland Board of Directors.


Ways to Thank a Donor (Recognition Protocol)

Letter of Thanks

Personal thank you from solicitor, board member, campaign volunteer, AmeriCorps member or staff

Recognition at annual meeting and other special functions

Inclusion in Heartland literature

Plaque or other form of recognition on site

Newspaper ad, feature article, op ed piece, or editorial

Plaque, trophy, picture, or other recognition piece to be kept by donor Acknowledgement and signage at fundraising events